E-Commerce/ERP Solutions

E-Commerce/ERP Solutions


  • E-commerce has grown up rapidly for its swiftness and limitless market opportunities which it has been providing to business in all fields. E-commerce has brought the entire market onto the merchant's hands, thereby making it far easier for the merchants as well as customers to crack a deal on the go at any time of the day. ERPs has become the lifeblood of all the present large retail operations. There are serious financial and non-financial boosts to a business or a company who can easily organize itself around an ERP.

  • One of the most significant burdens faced by many businesses is manual data entry, updating product information and then uploading to a web-store. If you want to be successful and keep yourself up-to-date online and keep up with increased demand for digital ordering functionality, your eCommerce strategy should include integration to your ERP, account and inventory software.

  • We - at Plutonics - offers a whole lot more than just inventory management and accounting. Our robust ERP software can be fully integrated with your already existing eCommerce website. We provide the complexity to allow ERP integration, which in turn allows you to easily account for new orders and fulfill them, regardless of when or where the sale is made.

  • Multiply your sales performance effortlessly to a new height with our ERP Solutions which can also be used in Warehouse Management, Order Tracking and History, Timely SCM, Multi-channel integration, 24x7 accessibility, Affiliation management, Cloud backed computing and Minimize cost of operation.

  • We manage all your complex tasks easily, analyze the market and smartly handle all your resources which leads to improved customer loyalty, followed by increased order size and thereby making more time for you to invest in the things that really matter instead of manual data processing and entry.